Automatic writing – 29.11.16

(Comme précisé, cette écriture automatique date d’il y a quelques mois. Je les consigne précieusement, et je pense en montrer quelques unes ici.)

Skies melting in indigo; to the horizon, I began to slowly slip away from my own hands. Reaching out as I collapse, smiling high between the night… Here I go: just wait and see for someday the sky will turn grey.
I writhe, I wither, please peel away what is left of me.
The remnants of my dreams, the way I held all my fears– couldn’t I let go? In the end this is it, all you have to know. Holding breaths and breathing rhymes; burning heights, flashing lights stepping away from me.
Don’t cry. I don’t need any more of this — those happy endings, right.
I wish I could have been there,
I wish I could have been.