big girl now.

traduction du poème ici.

standing away from the crowd
looking right into your eyes
this is where it all begins, perhaps

standing away and so near
looking back at all my fears
will they ever disappear, i wonder

and i
hoped i would change the world
hoped it would stop spinning so fast
hoped everything would be alright

but guess
the world still turned
the wounds still burnt
and the world changed me instead;
is that a bad thing, i wonder.

standing right, wearing my crown
made out of trash, evergreen and lead, everything at once
in the end this is when it all really starts

a beautiful tragedy
when the world forces you to face your fears
when you have no choice but not to be weak

and i
would love to lie down in the ruins
would love to get to be a crybaby
as i was before, childish, childish me
crying for pointless things instead of covering a heart becoming steel

but guess
remember when i wished i had kissed you that night
remember your hand on the small of my back
remember when we first met
you had a bad feeling and i said: “still, don’t you wanna try”

(and you’d said i’d break your heart
but darling it’s alright
i guess that’s alright
we’re even, i’d break mine




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