giving some news

Hi there,

I apologize in advance, I think I’m gonna write in English for this one article; I’ve been translating ALL DAY ALL NIGHT lately and this masochist move has affected me a lot, since I can’t even seem to think in French anymore.

I’m sorry the blog hasn’t had any recent upload in the past few… weeks, months maybe, I don’t know. I’m not particularly worried about the impatience of a hypothetical fanbase, since no one seems to read this blog (it’s alright, I think I wouldn’t read it either, I merely do it for my own purpose anyway.) Thus, perhaps this article is all about apologizing to myself and making things clear. I tend not to work very well or quickly if I don’t know where exactly I’m heading to, and I found that my goals are kind of messy at the moment!

As I said, I’ve been translating like crazy, and fighting a lot of battles at the same time. I first started to translate two different academic essays: one in English, one in German (I figured I should try translating in my third language as well, and though I need a dictionnary next to me all the time, I have to say it is quite fun -and I am quite surprised-).
These two essays are called Homosexuality at the online Hogwarts and All of the Greek and Roman Classics; both of them are about fanfictions and pop-culture, and how they are influenced either by current sociopolitical context or ancient references/intertexts. I actually plan on publishing my French translations on when I’m done, since I have the authorization of the original authors!

I also started to translate (with her agreement!) Celine Schillinger’s blog, and I’ll keep you updated about it as I am very excited about how it will turn out!

And finally, I plan on doing the NaNoWriMo again this year. You might not know the NaNo: its full name is National Novel Writing Month and the idea, to put it simply, is: you get to write a full 50K-words novel in one month, from November 1rst to 31rst.
The thing is, I’m terrible at long stories, I can’t even seem to write novels of more than 5 Word pages; so I won’t be using the NaNo this way. Last year, the alternative I found was the following: ‘if you don’t write 50K words, at least try to translate 50K words.’ I actually translated about 30K, which was quite good knowing 1. I hadn’t planned on doing it and only started a week and a half after the others (on the 9th of November I think) 2. Prépa isn’t the least time-consuming course of study and I had tons of tests to prepare, and still managed to pull out about 2K words per day.

And when one of those projects is over, I think I’ll try translating some TedEx talks as well (but this isn’t my concern for now, I have too much on my plate already).

So that’s it folks! Two academic essays (20 pages long each…), plus one blog, plus 50K of fictions and fanfictions for the NaNoWriMo. With my family we also plan on going to Turin for the All Saints’ vacation this year, and though I went last year, I feel like it’s been years since the last time I was in Italy and I’m so! happy!! I get to finally see Turin!!! (and its apparently wonderful Cinema Museum. yay. i’m exCiTED). Also, I’m doing just fine in Prépa for now, my grades don’t suffer quite as much as last year, and it’s so cool to see I’m getting somewhere! (I just have to plan my work/nap time more carefully) In short: lots of projects, lots of good news, lots of keeping my head above the water and denying my sleeping cycle. To quote « Hamilton, a American Musical » (which I’ve been listening ad infinitum): Look around, look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now. 

Thank you for reading my rambling, and I’ll see you soon!,
Good day, guys, gals and non-binary pals 



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